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    Exotic method of Presto - driver's licence in 3 months

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    It always seems safer to stay in the comfort zone... Isn't that the reason why we tend to avoid doing something that we find too difficult? For example, climbing Everest or getting up early in the morning. Not always the challenge is as high as Everest; however, each challenge still appears to be like a new mountain which has to be conquered. If we always choose something that does not require any additional effort; unfortunately, we will never find opportunities to grow as persons. One of such mountains that has to be climbed is also the obtention of driver's licence.

    Presto driving school offers to gain the licence in a different way than elsewhere - that is why this model of instruction can surely be called exotic. In the continuation of this article, we will tell you why the instruction model at Presto is more special than elsewhere.

    Where does the exotic hide?

    To get the difference between the usual approach of driving schools and the one of Presto, let's imagine a metaphor. On the one hand, we can compare it to a vacation here in Latvia - when we savor the redcurrants and blackcurrants or get an apple from the apple tree. Or, on the other hand, we can view it as going on a vacation to the South - when we pick up the fallen cocos from the palm trees, get the orange, banana or a fig from a never-before-seen-tree.

    The apples can be interpreted as already familiar and entrenched standards of the industry - attachment to 1 instructor and 1 city, a limited schedule of driving lessons, prolonged study process and 1 car throughout the training. The more exotic figs, cocos and bananas offer new tastes - a greater sense of freedom, wider opportunities and diversity. It means that Presto has enabled the free change of instructors, booking a class in different cities and villages in Latvia, driving on the weekends and holidays, as well changing car models during the training.

    Why is it necessary?

    Not only are these options exotic, but there is a practical cause for establishing such a training method. Presto driving school is confident that this approach is the most effective one to ensure the highest quality of training and to prepare the students more successfully for the exams. The efficiency of this method is also confirmed by CSDD - already a few years in a row Presto has proven to be a leader among other biggest driving schools. It means that a higher number of students from Presto pass the exams on the 1st attempt in comparison to others. It also helps to predict the possible success for the prospective students. For those that choose Presto, there is a higher probability that there will be no need to pay for re-taking the exams.

    The magical carpet of Aladdin - ?

    You cannot start daydreaming behind the steering wheel - you have to be here and now, on the road. Nevertheless, the advantages of Presto make up something so magical and exotic as the miraculous carpet in the Arabic folktale.

    Just as the magical carpet enabled Aladin to get over the most dangerous slopes and get away from life-threatening situations, the possibilities offered by Presto help the students to evade a number of unpleasant situations. Undoubtedly, that is something that each student appreciates. Who would not like to be protected from a study process that is way too pricey or an obnoxious instructor?

    It is interesting how in the Presto garden of cocos, bananas, oranges and figs the students are doing as good as beyond compare.

    In the soft cocoon…

    The option to change the instructors protects from a situation when it is not possible to establish a good connection with a particular instructor. Unfortunately, not always we are able to get along with everyone - sometimes the differences of characters, lifestyles and views build bridges between that cannot be overcome. What is the perfect approach for one student, won't be helping another one to improve the driving skills.

    One student may like an instructor that is more open and along with the road traffic regulations also tells something more about his personal life. At the same time, another student may be hoping for an army-like instructor that does not deviate from the topic of road signs! And if the instructor smokes - one may find it disturbing, while another one would happily join the company.

    If there arises a sensation that the instructor is consciously slowing down the pace of training or a point of stagnation has been reached - it is time to change the instructor! If there is not such a chance, for the student it means giving explanations to the administration, writing a complaint and among other things financial losses. In Presto this can be solved just with 1 click! In the online timetable all the available times of all the instructors can be seen - a class with a new instructor can be booked as often as every day!

    In addition to that, the option to change instructors also increases the chances to attend the classes as often as possible and not to omit a single day of driving. If a specific instructor is not available at a definite hour, why should a student miss a class? Besides, another instructor often points out to mistakes in the driving manner that another one may have missed.

    Turning into a butterfly…

    The given possibilities in the driving school are like a cocoon that protects and, paradoxically, a challenge to leave the safe cocoon at the same time. To use the offered advantages of presto, the student has to be ready for changes. Just as when you climb Everest.

    Someone may find it more comfortable and safer to drive only with 1 instructor. However, it does not prepare for the final CSDD exam as well as when there is a healthy change of instructors. To be prepared both technically and psychologically, the student has to face the changes and learn to drive in the company of different instructors.

    Demonstrating the driving skills to an unknown instructor may even increase the heartbeat. And that is exactly what is going to happen on the day of the CSDD exam! Very often it is actually the stress that is at fault of the student failing the exam. But if the changing of instructors has become a daily practice, the same situation at the CSDD exam won't seem as extreme. Accordingly, the student will be more confident and relaxed during the exam. It is true that those that go through a certain discomfort during the training period, will get the prize later on for leaving the seemingly safe cocoon!

    In addition to changing instructors, the student also changes the car brand. Getting to know different car models may seem difficult at first. However, on the day of the exam the ability to drive unlike cars will be crucial. Computer in a random way will allot 1 of the 3 brands - Volkswagen Golf 7, Audi A3 Sportback or BMW 218D XDrive Active Tourer. If the student has learnt how to drive each model during the training process, he will already know that it is essential to follow different guidelines to carry out the exercises in the figure field. On the contrary, the one who has only driven a Golf, on the day of exam will find himself in a rather surprising situation just to find out that the previously mastered tactics to park the car do not seem to be working! Unfortunately, it means that this student will have failed the exam.

    To pass the CSDD exam successfully, the student has to be prepared in a versatile manner. It means that during the training process it is not advisable to stay in the comfort zone sticking to unchanging conditions of the training process - 1 instructor and 1 car. The student needs to be able to challenge himself to achieve better results. And at the same time, this challenge is the only truly safe cocoon - only in these conditions will the future driver get a driving license easier, cheaper and less painful.

    Practice makes perfect

    Such phrases as “power of habit” or “practice makes perfect ” are very suitable also when it comes to training at the driving school. The instruction method at Presto provides the option to drive every single day - including weekends and holidays. This way the driving becomes a routine - the actions become automatic. And when they become automatic, the driving reaches a whole new level - the student is more confident and able to react faster.

    On average, 30-40 classes are needed to fully master the driving skills. By planning 3-4 classes per week, this amount will be reached within 3 months. But those who drive every day - even within a 1 month can get their driver's licence! Even those who do not have previous driving experience, thanks to the possibility to drive every day, change instructors and cars, will be able to get the licence as soon as during 1 season. The main thing is to drive!

    And so as not to have to worry about summer travel plans, Presto has its own exotic solution here as well - classes can be booked in 98 cities and villages throughout Latvia!

    Find out more about training at and sign the contract online in just a few minutes!


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